American Hairdresser’s Alliance, LLC Welcomes You

The American Hairdresser’s Alliance, LLC was formed with the support of successful salon owners to provide needed products and services at rates available only to our members.  Membership is available to those in the hair, nails, skin care, and tanning industries.

Thru our buying power, we have access to every major hair magazine as well as over 500 other magazine titles at rates never before seen! Ask about or bundled offer!


Stop Worrying About Identity Theft! An AHA Membership can help.

As you know most everyone of your customers pays using their debit and or credit card. If you are paying too much in merchant fees you are letting money walk out the door. As a member with AHA you will have access to some of the best merchant rates in the industry. Merchant Card Services with Cost Plus Pricing as Low as .10% + $0.20 Discount Rate!

Protect you and your family from Identity Theft.  In today’s digital world an identity thief can wipe away a lifetime of hard work in a matter of seconds. You will be glad to know that our members have access to one of the industry’s best Identity Theft Protection plans available at a discount rate only members of the American Hairdressers Alliance, LLC can receive as well as a member Legal program.

Finding a solid yet affordable healthcare plan for you and your business is no longer an easy task here in the USA. With healthcare laws and plans changing all the time it is almost impossible to keep up with it. AHA members now have access to a national company that specializes in doing all the hard work for you and can provide you with an affordable plan now including all workers full and even part-time as well as all students.

If you want more customers you have to have to be found online. It is no longer an option. Social media plays a big part in bringing in new customers but with so many websites popping up everyday it is a daunting task to figure it all out. AHA members can get their business found online thru one of our partners at a 40% discount.

Currently in the works are discounts up to 20% on car insurance for our members.  This will be available with your current membership.  Our members will also receive additional benefits as they become available.

Click Below To Join the American Hairdresser’s Alliance, LLC.  Our membership of only $5.95 a month is less than 20 cents per day.  This includes a one year subscription of a major magazine with your membership – simply list your choice.  After you have finished your membership enrollment, be sure to contact our partners and receive the discounts and benefits you are entitled to!